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"Kaleigh O'Keefe possesses so many unique talents, a powerful, uncompromising voice, wrapped in a singular humanness that every artist should strive to possess."  

- Alex Charalambides, Managing Director, Mass LEAP Collective

“Kaleigh O'Keefe's poetry tells stories of deep sorrows and deep triumphs. Written in the dust our traumas leave behind, Kaleigh breaks our heart in the subtleties. Like any great storyteller, Kaleigh's work spins stories in shambles we all walk through, whether it be in the moments that sneak up on you after a loved ones passing, the footprint of an assault revealed in a conversation with a friend, or a tragedy illuminated by a moment of humor. Kaleigh speaks to us like a friend who knows our pain intimately, or better yet a kinder version of our own inner voice.”

- Reed Hexamer, Poet and Visual Artist


“Even though I knew Kaleigh first as a sculpture student, I was never able to quite fit them into that category. Kaleigh is an artist who uses any means at their disposal--their voice and body, their instinctive sense of rhythm, a fluency in English that most English speakers will never possess, ordinary found objects and sometimes even traditional art materials--to create an aesthetic event that is as solid and sculptural and three dimensional as anything carved in marble. They not only create poetry, they find it everywhere and make it visible for the rest of us." 

- Chuck Stigliano, Sculptor


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