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Kaleigh O’Keefe is a gender outlaw and proud union member living in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Their poetry has appeared in Breaking the Chains: a Socialist Perspective on Women’s Liberation, Slamfind, won the PRIDE Poetry Prize in Passengers Journal and is featured on indie music legend Ceschi’s album Sans Soleil.


They have performed everywhere from dingy basements and downtown Boston sidewalks during protests, to the Boston Pride Festival and the United Nations Headquarters in NYC, sharing stages with Kit Yan, Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, Sakeena Yacoobi, Terry Crews, and more.


They are a co-founder of Game Over Books, an editor and contributor for Liberation News, and host the First Friday’s Youth Open Mic in Jamaica Plain.


Kaleigh is composed mostly of earl grey and has a measuring tape in their possession at all times.

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