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Kaleigh was featured on indie hip-hop legend Ceschi's most recent album, Sans Soleil. Other project contributors include Yoni Wolf of Why?, Open Mike Eagle, POS of Doomtree, Onry Ozzborn of Dark Time Sunshine, Squalloscope, & many more.


Album number 2 of Ceschi’s final Sad, Fat trilogy, “Sans Soleil” completely ignores cohesiveness. It is a fragmented collage; a raucous yet grief-stricken, genre-ignoring, dirty kiss of a musical eulogy to dead friends, youth, musical scenes & long lost inspirations. "Sans Soleil" is driven by the type of experimentation that defined Ceschi’s earliest work 15 years earlier. No song on the album sounds quite like any other. From grimy lo-fi Hip Hop to heart-wrenching folk to prog-reggaeton Spanish rap to spoken word poetry to cinematic pop there are no rules here other than the urgent need to write from a perspective of painfully blunt honesty.

Praise for Sans Soleil:

"Ceschi expands at the rate of the universe on Sans Soleil"- CT Verses


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modern mourning, 2014.


This audio component is part of a larger body of work including a poetry collection, a photo series, a ceramics series, and a found object installation. This piece is composed of three poems, voicemail recordings taken from the artist's cellphone, and recordings of a steel bodied ukulele resonating in the wind by the Boston Harbor. Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kaleigh O'Keefe. Special thanks to Nicolas Mihaich and Amelia C. Young.


in collaboration with Lissa Piercy [guitar instrumental composed and performed by Kaleigh O'Keefe]: 

in collaboration with Lewis M., Lissa Piercy, and Tara LaFortune [back up vocals by Kaleigh O'Keefe]: 


Breaking The Chains: A Socialist Perspective on Women's Liberation is a periodical

published by Liberation News. This issue features Kaleigh's poem Bricks.

"In our second issue, we tackle a question that resonates with women all over the world -- why are women so poor even though they work so hard? As the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, we cannot ignore this paramount fact. Beyond exposing how poverty affects women through economic and sexual violence, we analyze poverty as a necessary product of capitalism’s need for profit and juxtapose this reality with socialism.This is a critical point to understand especially as the women’s movement gears up to fight against President Trump’s sexist, racist, and xenophobic agenda. From Standing Rock to Ciudad Juarez, the urgency to fight

for a new system has never been clearer." 

To get a copy for only $5, click here.

Modern Mourning - Poetry Chapbook by Kaleigh O'Keefe

Slamfind 30s, Volume 2. Find on Itunes and Spotify.

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This poetry collection is part of a larger body of work including an audio component, a photo series, a ceramics series, and a found object installation.


Kaleigh sells copies of these chapbooks on a sliding scale, recommended 

$5 - $20. To make a purchase, please get in touch. 

To learn more about Kaleigh and book design, click here


Modern Mourning - Poetry Chapbook by Kaleigh O'Keefe
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